A 'Vitamin' Dilemma: Indian Bears or Foreign Fare for Your Child's Care

A 'Vitamin' Dilemma: Indian Bears or Foreign Fare for Your Child's Care

In today's fast pace world, every parent strives to nurture their child's growth and Excellence,  there is one crucial question that stands out Amidst the overwhelming options - Choosing the perfect vitamin for their child 

Most parents are confused whether their child needs a supplement or not,  if yes then which supplement.

The online information is also inaccurate and confusing

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First of all there is  no 100% correct answer.

 Let's break it down. Does your child need a supplement?  Yhe answer is YES

The IAP (Indian Academy of paediatrics) and ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) guidelines state that 100 days per year of iron supplement and 6 months of vitamin D supplement per year should be given to all Indian kids. These guidelines are based on Medical Research in Indian kids 

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Now,  which vitamin-  Indian or imported?  syrup or gummy?

Indian kids are deficient in iron,  zinc,  calcium and Vitamin B12

On the other hand Western kids need folate,  magnesium,  vitamin C & D

The imported supplements have ingredients based on western diet, which is predominantly non vegetarian. 

Since any vitamin supplement needs minimum 3 months to be effective,  syrups have failed to rise up to the challenge.  Most kids refuse to take syrup after few days,  which is very frustrating for the parents and doctors.

Here come gummy vitamins to the rescue -  required vitamins and minerals in a tasty treat. Parents are concerned regarding the sugar content in A Gummy vitamin.  Rightly so.  Let's see,  how much harm can one gummy vitamin per day cause to a child,  when most children are eating sweet  treats quite frequently?

Definitely,  the brands which recommend 3-4 dummies per day for the required dose contain high amounts of sugar and can be harmful on a daily basis

My advice to parents is 

  • Ask your child's doctor for their recommendation 
  • Go for an Indian gummy vitamin with correct ingredients and dosage 
  • Choose a supplement which carries the required dose in one gummy per day 
  • Don't forget,  SAFETY,  EFFICACCY and TASTE should be the three important parameters to choose for your child’s  health
  • One with natural flavour  is the best 

A lot of parents have come with surprising change after they gave CHUBEARS gummy vitamins to their children.  Symptoms like irritability,  hair fall,  leg pains,  night terrors etc  where cureD or reduced significantly.  Most of parents do not focus on these things which trouble the child daily.  i

The last Golden question -  Doctor we did not need vitamin games,  we have turned out fine.

Here's why we as parents are wrong and right - Indian kids have had medical deficiencies for a long time.  Medical Research was not advanced a few decades back,  the amount of pressure regarding studies and sports was pretty less,  and the food was pure, junk food was hardly there. Keeping all these factors in mind,  today is young generation does need that extra boost.

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Let me introduce you to CHUBEARS, a symphony of innovation and care, meticulously crafted by none other than Dr Poonam and Dr Gaurav – a power duo armed with a vision.

💥 Taste the Natural Wonder:
Containing only natural fruit flavour, Chubears dances on your child's palate, turning the daily vitamin ritual into a delightful experience. No more frowns or fuss – just pure gummy bliss!

🛡️ Safety First, Always:
We understand your concerns – safety is paramount. Chubears undergoes rigorous testing in FSSAI accredited labs, guaranteeing a worry-free experience. With Chubears, your child gets a ticket to vitamins without any unwanted side effects.

So, don't wait give the best future to your child




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