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  What are Vitamin Gummies ?

Vitamin gummies are small fruit flavoured soft jelly candies, incorporated with various Vitamins & minerals


How Gummies as a formulation used for vitamins?

Gummies, as a nutraceutical format, has the following advantages over other formats like tablets, capsules, syrups etc:

Jelly candy is tasty and easily accepted by kids, since vitamins need to given for few months to be effectiveformat lending itself into a non-medicinal, tasty and fun form, compared to the more medicinal formats

Since the gummies are chewed in the mouth and mixed thoroughly with saliva, bioavailability and absorption of nutritional elements like vitamins and minerals is highest in this format


Are gummies as effective as conventional pills or tablets ?

The simple answer is Yes. In fact, gummies can be more impactful than conventional formats

Gummies, unlike tablets or conventional pills, are chewed in the mouth and mixed thoroughly with saliva. This process is known to improve digestion and bioavailability, hence causing more nutrients to be absorbed into the system.

Also, out of pills, syrups and gummies, children are more happy taking gummy, so there is higher success rate of completing vitamin course with gummies as compared to other formulations


What are top 3 advantages of having Gummies as a drug formulation ?

•Higher bioavailability

•Better acceptability by the consumers (children)

•Taste and Form much better and acceptable compared to other formats


Is it necessary to give Vitamins to Children?

Yes, micronutrient deficiency (vitamins & minerals) is high in Indian children.

There are 67% children below 5 year age with anemia (low iron) in India

60% school going children are deficient in micronutrients like Calcium, Zinc, magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12 etc.

Indian’s are mostly vegetarian, are are low in Iron, Vitamin B12 etc

ICMR recommendation are to give Iron 100 days I.e. 3 months every year till adulthood

Vitamin D supplementation should be started after 6 months of life

If in doubt, consult your child’s doctor before starting and supplement


 How are Chubears gummy vitamins different that other brand?

Chubears has some unique features, specially for Indian children. Let’s see what they are -

. Only Gummy Vitamin In Indian created by DOCTORS (Dr Poonam Gupta & Dr Gaurav Gupta), the founders

. Ingredients are as per recommendation of ICMR, keeping Indian diet in mind & micronutrient deficiencies seems in Indian children

. Won ‘India’s favourite Gummy Vitamin Award’ 2 years running

. JAPANESE technology used in Iron Gummy by Chubears


How to Give Iron? My child hates the metallic taste.

Chubears Iron has a Japanese liposomal molecule. The advantage is that since it gets absorbed very fast, there are no side effects (metallic taste, constipation, teeth staining) & 3-4 times (65%) more effective than other iron formulations. So, no side effects & low dose needed with faster results


What about Calcium? Usually they have Chalky taste.

Chubears Strong bones has Magnesium along with Calcium and Vitamin D, which helps in faster absorption of calcium. Also, the taste is natural strawberry fruit flavour, no chalky taste.


Do Chuberas gummies contain artificial flavours or colours ?

No, Chubears gummies contain only natural fruit flavours and colours


Are Chubears gummies gluten free?

Yes, our gummies are 100% gluten free. They are safe for children with wheat allergy


Are Chubears gummies made with gelatin or pectin ?

Our gummies are made from fruit pectin, which is derived from citrus skin, and are 100% vegetarian.

Chubears is a 100% VEGETARIAN complaint facility


Can one take as many gummies as one wants ?

Although overdosing not result in major adverse reactions, it is generally not recommended to take more the recommended daily dosage levels.


Is there any risk of tooth decay?

Our gummies are 100% vegetarian and uses Pectin, which is made from citrus skin. Vegetarian gummies are healthier on the tooth and on human body in general.

Since our gummies are made only of natural ingredients, flavour and colours, it does not contain high levels of sugar, Glucose. Sugar levels are well below daily-recommended levels, and used only to mask the sour taste of nutrients.

One to two gummies per day, as in most dosages, does not cause tooth decay as the quantities are negligible


How are our gummies made and what technology does It come under ?

Chubears gummies are made using state-of-the-art JAPANESE technology, used for the first time in India, complying with the highest standards of WHO-GMP and ISO.


Is it backed by any major regulatory agencies ? 

Nutraceutical Gummies fall under the food regulatory categories in all countries except for Australia, where TGA compliance is required. USFDA provides food safety guidelines for nutraceuticals, but does not mandate any other special approvals like they do for drugs.

Chubears is FSSAI approved and retested in FSSAI accredited laboratory.




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