Chubears - tasty, power packed candy

Chubears - tasty, power packed candy

Today, let's discuss a common question that parents ask - should I give vitamins gummies to my children? Do they cause any harm? Which ones are good? In my general practice, I encounter two groups of parents - one who are keen to give vitamin to their child & the other who are skeptical & feel it is artificial, has extra sugar & many side effects.

I start answering both groups by discussing their child's diet, daily physical activity, and if they are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. If the child is taking all types of food groups & is physically active, parents can hold on giving supplements. On the other hand, a child with an unhealthy lifestyle needs supplements. If still confused, I advise the basic blood tests to look for any nutrient deficiencies in their child.

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Majority of Indians have low vitamin B12, zinc & iron. The reason is a vegetarian diet. This factor along with an increase in junk food intake are two main reasons your child needs supplements. 

In this blog post, let us explore the necessity of giving vitamins to children.

While a balanced & nutritious diet should ideally provide children with all the essential vitamins & minerals they need, however, our children's habits such as picky eating habits, food allergies, or dietary restrictions can result in nutritional gaps. Vitamin supplements come in use for such scenarios.

Every supplement has some pros and cons. In my experience, most kids refuse syrup-based supplements after a few days. So, what's the solution? Kids love candy. Why not give candy filled with vitamins? 

Sounds good. But isn't candy unhealthy and loaded with sugar and artificial elements? This is usually the next question.

Chubears is a multivitamin gummy made up of only natural fruit flavors without any added sugar content. 

Let us have a look at why Chubears gummy vitamins are best for Indian kids:

1- They are created by Indian doctors based on the guidelines of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics. (IAP)

2- Only natural fruit flavors are used. Contain no added sugar.

3- No side effects are caused as deficient vitamins are absorbed by the body & rest pass out

4- Chubears are 100% vegetarian, hence healthier for the tooth and the human body in general. 1-2 healthy gummies per day will not cause tooth decay as long as tooth hygiene is maintained.

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Regular vitamin intake is beneficial, but it's essential to assess whether they genuinely need supplementation or not. Always talk to your child's doctor. Getting yearly basic blood tests done also helps decide whether your child needs vitamin supplements or not. With the right approach, you can help your child grow up healthy & thriving. Remember, a balanced diet and regular exercise are crucial for their overall well-being.

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