covid and child immunity

COVID back again? Boost your child's immunity.

" Doctor is CPVID coming back again? Should kids go to school? What can I do to help them?", this is a common question asked by parents in the last few days.

COVID pandemic has left a mark worldwide. The second wave took its toll on children. So, the anxiety of parents is understandable. 

Hopefully, since most kids are vaccinated & Indians have a good herd immunity, this bout of COVID should not be very severe. 

Still, the measures to improve the immunity for your child are very simple. First and foremost the age old trio -





Healthy food - cutting down on preserved food & junk food helps to build up immunity.

Adequate water - Good water intake only improves hydration, but flushes out toxins & improves sleep and appetite

Sleep - A good uninterrupted 8 hour sleep is needed for a healthy childhood. Melatonin, a hormone secreted at night, is responsible for sleep. If one sleeps late & gets up late, the body's circadian rhythm is lost.

Local fruit - One should try to eat the local and seasonal fruit, since it decreases intake of genetically modified substances

Healthy nuts - Adding healthy nuts like almonds, pitachio, peanuts, figs etc will help take care of essential micronutrients needed for growth and immunity

Fresh air - Children should daily play or spend time outdoors. It helps improve stamina, maintain healthy weight, improves water intake & appetite. It also helps reduce the digital screen time

Vitamins & Minerals - eating fresh vegetables & fruits usually takes care of most vitamins & minerals. In vegetarian diet, there might be some deficiencies like Iron & Vitamin B12. So, adding a good Vitamin Supplement, based on IAP (Indian academy pediatric) guidelines should take care of your child's immunity.

CHUBEARS has been created by a child specialist based on IAP (Indian academy pediatric) & ICMR guidelines. It has all 13 essential Vitamins & Minerals needed by a growing child.


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