Herbal Gummy Burst: Energizing Power for Kids!

Herbal Gummy Burst: Energizing Power for Kids!

"Hey Parents, Meet Elderberry: Your Kid's Health Hero!"

Ever heard of elderberry? It's like a tiny health superhero, especially for your little ones!

Immune Booster

Elderberry is jam-packed with stuff that helps supercharge your kid's immune system. Think antioxidants and vitamins that tackle those nasty cold and flu bugs, making them shorter and less severe. Your child gets better faster and misses less school


                                       immunity booster

Feel-Good Relief

When those sniffles and coughs hit, elderberry's anti-inflammatory powers come to the rescue. Sore throats? Check. Congestion? Check. It's like a cozy hug for their immune system.

frequent cold kids

Nutrition Boost

These little berries are big on nutrients like potassium and iron, giving your kid's growth and development an awesome boost.

Antioxidant Armor

Free radicals? Not a problem! Elderberry brings in antioxidants that shield cells from damage, keeping your kid's body strong and ready for action.

Happy Tummies

Elderberry's not just about colds; it’s also a digestive superhero! It helps keep things moving smoothly, saying goodbye to tummy troubles.

Need a good elderberry supplement for your child?
We give you one thats TASTY - kachcha aam flavour
EFFECTIVE - created by doctors with added Vitamin C, Vitamin E & Blueberry
SAFE - FASSAI approved

Always talk to your child's doctor first.

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