Is vegetarian Diet enough for growing children?

Is vegetarian Diet enough for growing children?

Vegetarian diet, is it enough for your child?

For reasons like religion, faith and family tradition majority of Indian population is on vegetarian diet. Though it helps in avoiding lot of non-veg related infections, but pure vegetarian diet is deficient in essential micronutrients needed for the growth of a child.

The most important nutrients that are deficient in which area in diet or iron vitamin B12 and zinc. Why are these important?
Iron has a major role in red blood cell formation, boosting immunity and Brain development.
Zinc helps in keeping lungs healthy, boosting immunity and bone formation.
The most deficient nutrient vitamin B12 has a big role in nail, skin and hair development, boosting immunity and formation of genetic material (DNA and RNA)

So, if we combine the role of all three of nutrients, a child deficient in these will have slow brain development, stunted growth and prone to frequent infections.

It is important to take care of these deficiencies for proper growth and development of a child.

Chubears Vitamin Gummy for children has all essential micronutrients in the required quantities as guided by Indian Academy of paediatrics (IAP)

Chubears Iron has a unique molecule created using advanced Japanese technology. Due to this advanced technology it has zero side-effects like metallic taste, constipation or teeth staining and is very fast acting. This gummy improves the iron by 65% after one month of supplementation.

So why wait? See the positive change in your child when all the essential nutrients are complete in their diet

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