Vitamin deficiency can make a child cranky

Vitamin Deficiency can make children cranky!!

We usually feel a child is

cranky because of bad habits, bad company or child is simply stubborn. Even I used to think that about my pre teen daughter. Interestingly, there are some vitamin deficiencies which can overtime lead to cranky, irritable and even aggressive behaviour in children of any age.
So let's see which vitamins are responsible for not making a child irritable.

Vitamin D. Yes again I am talking about the king of vitamins. Apparently deficiency of vitamin D can lead to depression and aggressive behaviour in children.

Next in the list are almost all B Vitamins, like B6, B9, B12 etc. Now we all know that vitamin B12 is deficient in vegetarian or Vegan diet.

Iron. Iron deficiency in Indian kids is the highest 68%. Reason again is vegetarian diet.

Folate and vitamin C in low amounts are responsible for change in behaviour of children.

Along with these deficiencies there is a role of change in environment due to COVID. Staying indoors, having no contact with friends and parents hovering all the time. These reasons can be managed by sitting in talking to them and finding a common ground.

But the deficiency of micronutrients or vitamins needs to be taken care of because it not only affects they attitude but also interperson relationships and study outcomes.
So, what can parents do?
One, you need to emphasise the benefits of well balanced diet. This is easier said than done, because children nowadays prefer junk food have irregular meal times, less water intake and almost negligible exercise.

So it  makes sense to add a good vitamin supplement to ensure proper growth and development of the child

Chubears has a benefit of being created by doctors, completely vegetarian, has natural food favours and has all the essential 13 micronutrients that are required for proper growth of your child

This is because 'your child deserves the best!'

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