paneer kathi Roll - Tasty, easy CALCIUM RICH snack for children

paneer kathi Roll - Tasty, easy CALCIUM RICH snack for children

Be it children or adults everyone loves this recipe. Easy and tasty. So let's gather stuff for making this Kathi roll (4 kathi roll)

Calcium content - 142 mg Calcium in one serving of roll

Protein - 14 gm per roll

So let's gather stuff for making this Kathi roll (4 kathi roll)

3/4th Cup paneer or cottage cheese
1 chopped onion
1/4th Cup thinly sliced spring onion or normal onion
1/4th Cup grated carrot
1/4 Cup thinly sliced green capsicum
Spices of your choice
I usually add a little bit of mix spices dried Basil salt chilli flakes and oregano
For the role I usually use the market tortilla rap.
Otherwise you can make rolls at home using a mixture of wheat flour with soya flour it comes out pretty good.

Okay now is the time to cook a tasty healthy and easy recipe

Put a pan on the stove and heat it
Now add the chopped onion. Saute by adding little salt. Now add in the crumbled cheese and mix it thali. You can add any spices you like to it.
Next in a bowl mix the sliced onion sliced capsicum and grated carrot. Add chaat masala, Little bit of salt and black pepper. Mix thoroughly.
All the stuff for kathi roll is ready, now cooking time.

Take a large frying pan add a little butter. Spread it with a cooking brush. Put a tortilla wrap and add the cheese mixture in centre and top it with the onion, carrot and capsicum. Close the two sides of the tortilla and cook it on both sides.
Kathi roll ready.

Try and let me know your views and do share any good recipes for kids.

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