Why need for Iron-Rich recipes?

Why need for Iron-Rich recipes?

52.9% of children in the Urban households were anaemic (Low Iron)

63.2% of children in the Rural household were anaemic (Low Iron)

Iron is on the top of the list of deficiencies in Indian children, specially less than 5 years of age. Next are other micronutrients like Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Zinc, Calcium, magnesium, Vitamin B12 etc.

Let's just talk about iron now.

Reason for Low Iron in Indian kids is mainly VEGETARIAN DIET & UNHEALTHY JUNK FOOD intake

Why is Iron considered most important micronutrient?

We all know the Haemoglobin pigment helps transfer oxygen to all parts of body and hence is energy giving. What else? Iron also boosts immune system, helps cognitive brain development & supports healthy skin, nails and hair.

The latest guidelines of ICMR are that after 1 year of age, all kids are to be given Iron supplement 100 days/year (3 months yearly)

So, what are the options? Better diet & supplementation both. Why both? Children need a big change in their eating habits and that needs to be consistent. The challenge is to maintain the healthy Iron rich diet. Here comes the role of a good iron supplement.

Most syrups and supplements of Iron have a major side effect - metallic taste, teeth staining & constipation

Chubears Iron since made from Japanese liposomal molecule, has zero side effect, is 3-4 times more effective, needing lesser dose with better results. Giving a tasty jelly candy for 3 months is not a challenge.

Simultaneously, kids need to be aware of improving their eating habits. This is again a challenge for mothers. coming up with tasty iron rich recipes. 

In the next blog let's find out some scrumptious new recipes



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